WildCape: Pure East Cape

Experience the unique floral notes from East Cape's wild landscapes

Comvita: UMF Certified Excellence

Trusted for wellness, Comvita offers high UMF-rated Manuka honey

Kiva: Raw and Powerful

Kiva's raw Manuka honey is packed with natural benefits and robust flavor

Three Peaks: Luxury in Taste

Ultra-premium, smooth Manuka honey from New Zealand's volcanic soil

Manukora: Potency and Purity

Manukora delivers high-grade, MGO-rich Manuka honey for health

NZ Honey Co.: Wild and Untouched

Harvested from remote NZ areas for an unparalleled, pure taste

Watson & Son: Black Label Excellence

Watson & Son offers premium Manuka honey with superior quality

Bee's Inn: Nature's Best Kept Secret

Award-winning, naturally harvested Manuka honey for everyday wellness

Happy Valley: Sweet Purity

Discover the delightful, MGO-certified purity of Happy Valley's honey

Steens: Whole Comb Goodness

Steens offers raw, whole comb Manuka honey for a true taste of nature