High Smoke Point Refined Avocado Oil

Ideal for frying, refined avocado oil supports heart health

Versatile Rice Bran Oil

With a high smoke point, it's perfect for crispy fries and rich in antioxidants

Flavorful Unrefined Avocado Oil

Offers a richer taste with beneficial nutrients for frying

Widely Used Soybean Oil

A common choice, soybean oil is versatile with a neutral flavor

Popular Corn Oil for Frying

High smoke point and heart-friendly, corn oil makes fries delicious

Light Grapeseed Oil

With a mild taste, it's great for frying and rich in vitamin E

Heart-Healthy Olive Oil

Extra light olive oil has a high smoke point, ideal for frying

Neutral Canola Oil

Low in saturated fat, canola oil is a heart-smart frying option

Flavorful Peanut Oil

Offers a high smoke point and rich flavor for perfect fries

Light Sunflower Oil

High in vitamin E, sunflower oil is great for frying with a high smoke point