What is the Best Manuka Honey: 7 Power-Packed Brands Reviewed

What is the Best Manuka Honey?

If the golden allure of honey has ever tempted your palate, then you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a dedicated health enthusiast, or merely someone looking to dabble in the world of natural remedies, the Manuka variant stands out in the honey spectrum. But with a market teeming with countless brands, how do you ensure that you’re picking the genuine elixir and not just a sugared-down version?

Worry not, for by investing just 5 minutes in reading this article, you’re about to transform from a curious shopper to a well-informed Manuka honey aficionado. Yes, in mere moments, you’ll gain insights into the top Manuka brands, understanding their reputation, processing methods, and the unique offerings they bring to your table.

From its remarkable wound-healing prowess – effective for everyone from toddlers to seniors, and even your furry friends – to its potent overall health-boosting properties, Manuka honey has carved a niche for itself in the realm of natural products. So, ready to dive deep into the world of this golden nectar? Let my reviews guide your journey, ensuring you secure the perfect jar tailored to your needs.

What Is Manuka Honey?

What Is Manuka Honey?” you may ask. Native to New Zealand, Manuka honey is a special derivative of the Manuka tree’s nectar. Unearthed in 1990, its medicinal prowess addresses conditions from sore throats to cancer. Unlike raw honey, Manuka’s unique blend of leptospira, DHA, and methylglyoxal sets it apart, graded by standards like UMF, MGO, and KFactor. This honey is truly a testament to nature’s healing magic.

Benefits of Manuka Honey:

  • Superfood Status: Much like raw honey, Manuka honey is considered a superfood, packed with nutrients and compounds beneficial for overall health.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: This honey is rich in ingredients that combat inflammation, making it particularly useful for reducing redness and swelling in various conditions.
  • Antibacterial Abilities: Manuka honey contains powerful antibacterial agents. As a result, it’s effective in treating a range of bacterial infections, especially sore throats.
  • Wound Healing: It’s not just an old wives’ tale – Manuka honey can accelerate the wound healing process, thanks to its unique composition.
  • Digestive Aid: Those with stomach issues can benefit from Manuka honey, as it aids in alleviating stomach aches and improving overall digestion.
  • Immune System Booster: Regular consumption can fortify the immune system, making the body more resilient against common illnesses.
  • Energy Provider: As with most honey varieties, Manuka is a great natural energy source, offering a quick pick-me-up when needed.
  • Deep Skin Penetration: In the beauty realm, Manuka honey stands out for its ability to penetrate deep skin layers, ensuring hydration from within.
  • Acne Prevention: It acts against acne-causing bacteria, helping keep those unsightly breakouts at bay.
  • Anti-aging Benefits: Its resistance to oxidative radicals means it helps combat signs of aging, keeping skin youthful and radiant.

Embracing the manifold benefits of Manuka honey can lead to enhanced health and beauty outcomes, making it a worthy addition to daily routines.

What Are UMF, MGO, and K-Factor?

Manuka honey is unique not only in its origin and benefits but also in the way its potency and quality are measured. When delving into the world of Manuka honey, you’ll often encounter three grading systems: UMF, MGO, and K-Factor. Here’s a closer look at each:

  • UMF (Unique Manuka Factor):
    • This is arguably the most recognized grading system for Manuka honey.
    • It measures the concentration of MG (Methylglyoxal), leptospira, and DHA (dihydroxyacetone) – key compounds that contribute to Manuka honey’s health benefits.
    • UMF provides a comprehensive insight into the honey’s quality and purity. Higher UMF ratings indicate superior quality, with UMF 10+ and above being considered premium grade.
  • MGO (Methylglyoxal):
    • MGO specifically measures the level of methylglyoxal in the honey.
    • Methylglyoxal is largely responsible for the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey.
    • Higher MGO levels mean stronger antibacterial activity. For instance, MGO 100+ indicates there are at least 100mg of methylglyoxal per kg of honey.
  • K-Factor:
    • Unlike UMF and MGO, K-Factor focuses more on purity and quality rather than non-peroxide antibacterial activity.
    • Introduced by Wedderspoon, the K-Factor ensures the honey is raw, unpasteurized, non-GMO, and sourced and packed in New Zealand.
    • It also considers factors such as live enzymes, pH levels, and pollen count.

Understanding these grading systems allows consumers to make an informed choice about the Manuka honey they buy, ensuring they obtain the specific benefits they seek.

Best Popular Manuka Honey Brands: A Detailed Overview

In the vast realm of natural products, Manuka honey has carved a niche for itself, prized for its unique properties and benefits. While numerous brands tout their Manuka honey offerings, only a few truly stand out for their quality and commitment. Let’s explore some of the most reputable Manuka honey brands:

  • WildCape:
    • An exclusive producer from New Zealand’s East Cape, WildCape boasts a legacy of over 40 years in harvesting Manuka honey. Their meticulous techniques ensure you receive honey harvested in its purest form directly from their hives.
  • Comvita:
    • A brand with a storied history in beekeeping, Comvita prides itself on sustainably sourcing Manuka honey from New Zealand’s unspoiled forests. Despite the rarity of Manuka flowers, Comvita’s commitment to quality and authenticity remains unwavering.
  • Kiva:
    • Emphasizing sustainable and farmer-driven methods, Kiva offers its Kuka Raw Manuka honey, sourced from New Zealand’s remote locales. Notably, independent tests rate this honey at least UMF 20+, equivalent to MGO 825+.
  • Three Peaks:
    • Another New Zealand-exclusive brand, Three Peaks, dedicates itself to sustainable beekeeping, gentle harvesting, and perfecting the aging process for their honey, ensuring the conservation of this rare nectar.
  • Manukora:
    • Hailing from Matamata in northern New Zealand, Manukora is ideally situated close to prime Manuka sources. Their commitment to purity is evident, and they proudly offer non-GMO products, echoing the purity of their region.
  • New Zealand Honey Co.:
    • A member of the UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association), New Zealand Honey Co. adheres to the highest standards set by the association. Notably, they undergo regular random testing to ensure consistent quality. Moreover, their honey meets the stringent criteria established by both the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) and the UMF Association.

For those venturing into the world of Manuka honey, these brands represent a gold standard, ensuring you experience the genuine benefits of this treasured natural product.

Which Are The Best Manuka Honey Brands To Buy?

Manuka Health UMF 13


  • Brand: Manuka Health
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Weight: 250g (8.8oz)
  • UMF Rating: 13+
  • MGO Level: 400+
  • Form: Raw Honey

Key Features:

  1. Authentic New Zealand Manuka honey.
  2. Certified UMF 13+ rating, ensuring high quality.
  3. Contains MGO 400+ level, indicating strong antibacterial properties.
  4. Pure and raw, maintaining all the natural benefits.
  5. Packaged in a jar that preserves freshness and potency.

Product Description:

Manuka Health’s UMF 13+/MGO 400+ Manuka Honey is an exquisite superfood sourced from the pristine terrains of New Zealand. As a testament to its purity and potency, it carries both a UMF rating of 13+ and an MGO level of 400+. This raw honey not only delights with its rich flavor but also offers a wealth of health benefits. Whether you’re drizzling it over your morning toast or using it as a medicinal remedy, this Manuka honey is a pure embodiment of nature’s best.


  • 🍯 Authenticity: Genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand.
  • 🍯 Potency: High UMF and MGO levels for maximum benefits.
  • 🍯 Purity: Raw and unprocessed, preserving all-natural properties.
  • 🍯 Versatile: Great for consumption or topical applications.


  • 🍯 Price: Higher price point compared to regular honey due to its unique properties.
  • 🍯 Availability: Being a specialized product, it might not be readily available in all markets.

Airborne Manuka Honey


  • Brand: Airborne
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)
  • Pollen Count: 25+
  • Form: Honey Blend

Key Features:

  1. Genuine Manuka honey blends from New Zealand’s trusted brand, Airborne.
  2. Impressive Pollen count of 25+ indicating high quality.
  3. Meticulously sourced and processed to maintain natural benefits.
  4. Versatile honey blend suitable for a range of applications.
  5. Packaged to ensure prolonged freshness and flavor.

Product Description:

Hailing from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, the Airborne Manuka Honey Blend with a Pollen count of 25+ is a testament to nature’s bounty. This unique blend by Airborne offers not just the rich taste characteristic of Manuka honey but also the beneficial properties of high pollen count. With a weight of 500g, this honey is perfect for those seeking both taste and health benefits. Whether it’s a spread, a sweetener, or a medicinal application, this honey blend meets all expectations with perfection.


  • 🍯 Authentic Source: Directly sourced from New Zealand’s trusted terrains.
  • 🍯 Quality Assured: High pollen count indicates superior quality and richness.
  • 🍯 Natural Goodness: Blend maintains all inherent properties of Manuka honey.
  • 🍯 Versatility: Perfect for various culinary and medicinal uses.


  • 🍯 Blend: Some purists might prefer 100% Manuka without blends.
  • 🍯 Price: Premium quality might come with a slightly higher price tag.

Three Peaks Manuka Honey New Zealand

Three Peaks Manuka Honey New Zealand – Certified UMF 10+ / MGO 263+


  • Brand: Three Peaks
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Weight: 500g (17.6 oz)
  • UMF Rating: 10+
  • MGO Level: 263+
  • Form: Raw Honey

Key Features:

  1. Certified UMF 10+ rating, ensuring premium quality and authenticity.
  2. MGO level of 263+, indicating impressive antibacterial properties.
  3. Sourced from the untouched terrains of New Zealand.
  4. 100% natural with no added preservatives or additives.
  5. Raw honey forms, preserving all the inherent nutrients and benefits.

Product Description:

Three Peaks brings to the table an ultra-premium Manuka honey, sourced directly from the unspoiled regions of New Zealand. Certified with a UMF rating of 10+ and an MGO level of 263+, this honey embodies the pure essence of nature. Weighing 17.6 oz, it is not just a delightful treat but also a powerful remedy, backed by the healing properties of Manuka. Its raw form ensures that the honey retains all its natural goodness, making it a must-have for those seeking a blend of taste and health.


  • 🍯 Pure Source: Harvested from New Zealand’s pristine environments.
  • 🍯 Certified Quality: UMF 10+ and MGO 263+ assure premium quality.
  • 🍯 Wholesomeness: 100% natural and raw, without any additives.
  • 🍯 Healing Properties: Manuka’s benefits for both consumption and topical applications.


  • 🍯 Premium Cost: High-quality Manuka honey tends to be pricier than regular honey.
  • 🍯 Taste Profile: The distinct taste of Manuka might not appeal to everyone.

In Conclusion: What is the Best Manuka Honey?

The quest for “What is the Best Manuka Honey ?” is one that has intrigued health enthusiasts and gourmets alike for years. As we’ve delved deep into the world of Manuka honey, one thing has become clear: its unparalleled benefits and rich flavor profile make it a standout in the realm of natural products. Through our exploration, the Three Peaks Manuka Honey from New Zealand certainly emerges as a top contender.

However, the answer to “What is the Best Manuka Honey?” may vary based on individual preferences and needs. In any case, one cannot undermine the profound health advantages this honey offers. So, the next time you find yourself pondering “What is the Best Manuka Honey?”, remember the insights from this guide and make an informed choice that suits your palate and well-being.

FAQs on “What is the best Manuka honey”

Q: Which country produces the best Manuka honey?

A: New Zealand is the most common producer of Manuka honey, but Australia also produces some.

Q: How do I choose a good Manuka honey?

A: Look for honey that is certified by a reputable organization, such as the UMF Honey Association or the Australian Manuka Honey Association.

Q: What is the best Manuka honey for spreading?

A: Honey with a lower MGO rating (100+ or less) is often best for spreading, as it has a milder flavor.

Q: What is the best Manuka honey for medicinal purposes?

A: Honey with a higher MGO rating (250+ or more) is often best for medicinal purposes, as it has stronger antibacterial properties.

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